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Harlan Joel Ellis moved from East Barnard, VT. to Illinois in 1878.  There he met and married Dollie Ashley.  From this union four children were born while in Tonica, IL.  From Tonica, IL. they moved to Mt. Airy, MO. where my father, Richard Clark was born.  They later moved to Iowa Falls, Iowa and then to near Trenton, Nebraska.  After the death of Harlan Grand mother Ellis moved back to Iowa Falls, IA.  My Dad stayed in NE. where he had met and married my mother Doris Adkins.   I do not remember my Grandfather Ellis although I have a copy of a picture taken when I around three years old. The picture shows my Dad, his brother Ashley, both grandparents, with my Grandmother Ellis holding me.  My brother Jim and sister Peg are in the picture.  Since my Granddad died in 1933 the picture must have been taken in 1932 or early  '33.

Adults standing L-R R.C. Ellis, Dollie Ellis, Harlan Ellis, Ashley Ellis
,Peg Ellis standing in front of Dollie, Jim Ellis at Dollies Left and me being held by Dollie
Now for the trails of my imagination.  Harlan left the farm in 1878 when he was twenty one years old.   Why he left is also subject of supposition.  I feel that since he was the youngest son.  He would be the logical one to leave a farm that was too small to support so many people.   Just how he got to Tonica, Illinois is not known but I imagine he went by rail.  The Ashley family also of East Barnard had moved to Illinois many years earlier.  My research shows that Jason Ashley moved his  moved to Illinois in 1839 I am not sure just what the connection was to the Ashley family, but the story is that there were some family ties, perhaps as third or fourth cousin.  I do know that there was an Ashley-Ellis Cemetery near the Farm that still stands to this day.  But no matter, Harlan Ellis ended up in Tonica and there he met and married my grandmother two years later.  The following article was taken from the Tonica Daily News:

   Married.--At the residence of the bride's father, Dec. 1, 1880, by Rev. T. Doney, Mr. Harlan J. Ellis and Miss Dollie E. Ashley.  The ceremony was witnessed by a large company;  the presents numerous, appropriate and valuable;  and after partaking of the good cheer provided, Uncle Thomas addressed the friends and happy pair in words as follows:  Friends, let us all remember, that, on the first of December, --  In the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and eighty, -- We were kindly invited to see this couple united --   In bonds both pleasant and weighty. --  Let us all, with one accord, thank the good Lord -- for the goodies that have been set before us; -- Let old and young, with heart and tongue, join in to swell the chorus. --  May this happy twain, while on earth they remain,-- be blest with health and plenty, -- Unannoyed by vicious tattlers, but blest with pretty prattlers, -- To the number--some less than twenty;  Their honeymoon not set too soon, -- And leave their nights both dark and dreary, --  But ever shine with love divine, -  Whether they are fresh or weary. --  And now, dear friends, adieu; my task is through, --  And time with all is fleeting; --  Let all in the room give the bride and the groom, -- A friendly, cordial greeting.
   The happy pair take the train east Monday to spend the winter visiting friends in old Vermont.     T.B.G. 
This picture is their wedding picture (so I have been told). 
The picture above was taken at their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.

More of Family History (which I call Heritage Hand-me-downs.)  The stories from family members is that after moving to Mount Airy, Missouri, Harlan Ellis was the manager of a cotton plantation.  His wife Dollie  served as a mid-wife for  the plantation women.  I visited Mt. Airy in 1996 and at that time it was just a wide spot in the road.  A group of houses and some very dilapidated buildings make up the town.  I have tried to find records from the courthouse in Randolph but with no success.  Some information was sent but none of it pertained to my ancestors.
The Ellis family then moved to a farm south of Iowa Falls, Iowa.  My Father was born there in 1899.  This was the residence for the next 19 years when they moved to Trenton, Nebraska somewhere around 1920.  From his obituary it is shown that Harlan died in 1933 when he was taking his son, Ashley, back to Iowa Falls, IA for burial.  
Harlan's Obituary--
Obituary from "The Citizen", Iowa Falls, Iowa Thursday June 9, 1933              
Harlan Ellis died Wednesday In Hospital in Iowa Falls

 Was Here to Attend funeral of son; Lived near Ellis Church Many Years

    Harlan Ellis, a former resident of the Ellis' Community, died at Ellsworth Hospital in Iowa Falls Wednesday afternoon, age 75 years, 10 months, and 21 days.  He and his wife had come here from their home in Leota, Kansas, to attend the funeral of their son who was buried in the Iowa Falls Cemetery last week. Mr. Ellis' funeral will be held Saturday morning at the Wilbur Undertaking Home at 10:30 AM and interment will be made in Union Cemetery.  The immediate cause of death was heart trouble. 
   Mr. Ellis was born at East Barnard, VT, July 12, 1857.  On Dec 1, 1880 Mr Ellis was married at Tonica, Ill.  To this union were born 5 children namely: Bert Ellis of Hampton; Mrs Edna Jones of Barron, Wi.;  Phillip Ellis of Hendricks, MN.; Richard Ellis of Culberson(sic), NE.; and Ashley Ellis, deceased.  There are 13 grandchildren. 
   The Ellis Family lived near the Ellis Church for 16 years and were well respected by everyone.
HARLAN JOEL ELLIS' grave is located in the Union Cemetery in Iowa Falls, Iowa  Section 1 Block 2 Lot 12 Space 7

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JOEL ELLIS 1816-1896

Joel Ellis, the first child of Clark Ellis was born June 1, 1816 in Barnard Vermont.  He lived his entire life on the Ellis Farm in East Barnard.  He married Elmina Emeline Graves August 28, 1839.  She was the daughter of Issac and Prudence (Howe) Graves also of Barnard.  Joel and Elmina had 4 children: Ozro born 2-28-1849;  Edna Prudence born 8-19-1850; *Harlan Joel born 7-16-1857; and Addie born 5-9-1873.

 Joel Ellis died in East Barnard December 2, 1896.

*My direct lineage