Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JOEL ELLIS 1816-1896

Joel Ellis, the first child of Clark Ellis was born June 1, 1816 in Barnard Vermont.  He lived his entire life on the Ellis Farm in East Barnard.  He married Elmina Emeline Graves August 28, 1839.  She was the daughter of Issac and Prudence (Howe) Graves also of Barnard.  Joel and Elmina had 4 children: Ozro born 2-28-1849;  Edna Prudence born 8-19-1850; *Harlan Joel born 7-16-1857; and Addie born 5-9-1873.

 Joel Ellis died in East Barnard December 2, 1896.

*My direct lineage

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