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Jason Ashley at 100 years old
In a previous post I had mentioned a time when Sarah Ashley had to go down into a well to rescue her son Jason.  The above pictured person is that Jason.  (Picture of Jason Ashley was in the possession of Millie Miller of Hendricks, MN. She allowed me to take a photo of it to add this story.  Aug 31, 2009.) 

This note was taken from the Tonica News Friday Mar. 1, 1895 issue #1
Jason Ashley was 99 years old yesterday, Feb. 28.  Now let our exchanges remember that Grandfather Ashley lives on the borders of Eden in the town of Hope, and is also one of the few very old men of La Salle county.  He is also one of the early settlers in these parts.  His neighbors now confidently look for him to become a centenarian.

    This Article was taken from the Tonica News dated April 26, 1895
    (From the Grange News, Apr. 5)
Jason Ashley, father-in-law, of our Sister V.S. Ashley, passed his 99th birthday in February, and is now in his 100th year.  And what is remarkable he has never been sick, he has had his pantaloons on every day (for 95 Years just think of it up and dressed every day since the people quit using pounds, shillings, and pence.)  Indeed, he was born in 1796, before the people had dropped the use of sterling money, before the birth of the U.S, dollar; as old as the stars and stripes.  Twenty-eight states have been added in his life time.  When he was a year old nails were made singly and by hand.
  In 1790 the first little steam propeller was made.  First cast iron plow was made when he was but two years old, but the farmers would not use them; they said they "poisoned the soil."  "Hail Columbia," first national song, was written when he was three years old.  The first braided straw bonnet was made when he was four years old.  He was five years old when Patrick Henry died; the same when George Washington died, and if he had seen him might have remembered him.  He was five yeas old before anyone in this country was vaccinated.  He was seven years old when Ohio was admitted as a state.  He was nine years old when the government built Fort Dearborn (Chicago) as an Indian outpost.  He was 11 years old before cotton was first planted in the United States.  He was 13 years old before stone coal was used as a fuel.  He was 17 years old, almost old enough to enlist, when Jackson fought the British at New Orleans.  He was 45 years old before reaping machines were used; 55 years old before the telegraph was a success.  What remarkable years the 100 years of his life have been.
  Sister Ashley says he was always temperate in everything, a teetotaler as far as liquor and tobacco were concerned, a small and slow eater, and satisfied and contented at all times.  He was born in East Barnard, Vermont, and came to Illinois in an early day. (note by author--Jason moved his family to Illinois in 1839.  Jason was born in Barnard, VT on Feb 28, 1796.  He died shortly after his 100th birthday but I do not have the exact date.)         H.K.S.

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